Legislation concerning the Protection of Classified Information


Legislation concerning Electronic Signature
  • Act No. 215/2002 Coll. on Electronic Signature and on the amendment and supplementing of certain acts as amended
  • The NSA Decree No. 131/2009 Coll. on the format, content and administration of certificates and qualified certificates and the format, periodicity and method of issuing a list of revoked qualified certificates (on certificates and qualified certificates)
  • The NSA Decree No. 132/2009 Coll. on the conditions for providing accredited certification services and requirements for an audit, the extent of an audit and the qualification of the auditors
  • The NSA Decree No. 133/2009 Coll. on the content and extent of operational documentation kept by the certification authority and on the security rules for the execution of certification activities
  • The NSA Decree No. 134/2009 Coll. stipulating the details on requirements for secure devices for the creation of time stamps and requirements on products for the electronic signature (on electronic signature products)
  • The NSA Decree No. 135/2009 Coll. on the format and method of creating the qualified electronic signature, the method of publishing the public key of the National Security Authority, the conditions of validity for the qualified electronic signature, procedure during the verification and verification conditions of the qualified electronic signature, format of the time stamp and method of creating it, requirements on the source of time data and requirements for keeping time stamp documentation (on the creation and verification of the electronic signature and time stamp)
  • The NSA Decree No. 136/2009 Coll. on the method and procedure of using the electronic signature in business and administrative relations
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